Bantams are just smaller chickens some are minitures of larger breeds and some are their own breed. They tend to make wonderful pets as they are easy to handle and tame well and suit smaller situations where space may be an issue. The eggs are also slightly smaller but tend to be very rich and tasty. You can mix them with larger hens too as long as they are similar ages  and make a great addtion to any flock.  All bantams are vaccinated.


Smooth and Frizzle Pekins

Colours: milliefluer, black, lavender, blue      Price £26.00 for smooth feather             £30.00 for frizzle feather

Availability: April 2020

These Lovely little bantams make a great addition to any flock. They are such characters and come in a variety of   different colours. We stock both the smooth feather and the slightly more quirky frizzled variety.




Colours: TBC   Price £30.00  Availability: April 2020

These birds never fail to make me smile. I just love their head plumage and just remind me of a glamourous show girl! They lay a good number of white eggs and are fantastically friendly and make great pets.






Colours: white, red and blue   Price: £35.00    Availability: April 2020


These are fantasic friendly little birds and make great pets. They are fluffy in appearance and cannot fly so do well in smaller situations.






Colours: Laced      Price: £26.00    Availability: April 2020

These are striking birds and great little characters. They make a wonderfull addition to any flock.








Colour: TBC    Price: £26.00    Availability: April 2020

Originating from South America these quirky little birds lay a blue egg.  They have wonderful personalities and   make a great addition to any flock.







Colour: Salmon         Price: £26.00     Availability: April 2020

The Faverolles is a French breed of hen. The breed was developed in the 1860s in north-central France, in the vicinity of the villages of Houdan and Faverolles. These lovely little birds are gentle and inquisitive and are quite good layers and come in a gorgeous salmon colour.