Dear Customer

Thank you for your interest in our birds. Sorry there has been such a wait we have seen a huge demand due to the current COVID 19 situation. We are permitted to sell laying hens by DEFRA as they provide a food source in the form of eggs.

We are happy to do this but we are putting the following in place to keep us and you as safe as possible as well as taking care of the bird’s welfare. Anybody who does not adhere to our rules will not be served and asked to leave the premises.

  1. Visits are strictly by appointment only. You will be given a collection slot please be on time.   Take time to find us on the map we are remote and follow the directions on the website not the SATNAV.
  2. When it is your turn park in the field gate way we will call you when we are ready for you.  Please refrain from touching anything and stay 2 meters away at all times. Please do not cross the barrier.
  3. Birds are sold on first come first served basis there is not guarantee for any breed/colour.

Our preferable way to pay is Bank transfer to limit contact  if you want to set us up beforehand please contact us. This must be cleared before you leave.

You can also pay by card and we can do this in smaller contactless amounts if you prefer.

Cash is also accepted but this must be for the right amount as change will not be given to limit contact.

4. Please bring something to transport your birds home in. It needs to be safe and secure. A large cardboard box or cat carrier/ dog cage is ideal.

5. As I mentioned above we have had so much interest in keeping hens. Just remember if this is your first time make sure your prepared for them they are a commitment like any animal and  not just a fad for getting eggs while there is a shortage.

6.Finally thank you all for your interest and waiting for our birds and I’m sorry if we sound really bossy but we want to keep everyone safe  and remember our hens come with a lifetime of help and support. Thank you and stay safe