Purebreed and Bantam Hens

Point of Lay Pure breeds available from 18 week onwards now available vaccinated. Please see bottom of page for details. Variation of colours available on some breeds, cockerels available upon request.

We have Small selection of birds available for Christmas 2016 as many people have asked us for chickens for Christmas gifts. We try to keep the website as up to date as possible with availability but please do contact us prior to Visits.

Large and Medium Breeds


Colours: Dark and light Colombian

Price: £35.00


A large docile friendly bird originating from the United States. Famed for their wonderful nature they are easily tamed and make excellent pets with the added bonus of eggs. Someone once told me apparently you have not lived until you have seen a Brahma run and I quite agree!




Colours: Buff, White and Blue

Price: £35.00


A favourite of Queen Victoria these gentle giants hail from china apparently breed for filling duvet covers! Thankfully we have moved on and we can now really appreciate these birds’ wonderful docile natures and portly figures which make them wonderful companions.


Buff Orpingtons


Colours: Buff

Price: £35.00


These are one of my favourites. They have that lovely round fat lady status just sums up the traditional farm yard hen that we all imagine.  Again a wonderfully docile breed that lays a decent number of eggs what’s not to like!


Rhode Island Reds


Price: £25.00


This is one of my favourite breeds, a hardy chicken with a great nature and equally stunning looks. I have kept these since I was a little girl and they have never let me down they are truly hardy ladies. One of the best layers of the purebreds they lay fantastic size eggs great for cakes. They are not timid birds and you will find them buzzing around you at every opportunity when you are with them and their friendly nature makes them great pets as well as good egg producers. The cockerels are also have fantastic natures and are true gentlemen!


Price: £25.00

This is our county breed created here in suffolk to be a fantastic dual purpose birds with a temperament to match! These pure white birds are a great addition to any flock and the fact that it’s a rare breed makes it even more important to keep these beauties going.

Speckled Sussex

Price: £25.00

One of our oldest breeds created in Sussex. This lady is great dual purpose bird with the hardiness to match. Great free rangers as well as being good layers and the speckled plumage is something to behold!!


Price: £25.00

The Vorwerk is an extremely striking bird bred at the beginning of the 1900’s in Germany and shares it name with the vorwerk vacuum cleaner also from Germany! These were bred to be dual purpose and lay a good number of eggs. They are extremely inquisitive and always first for the treats.

French Black Copper Maran

Price: £25.00

Most people have heard of the Maran due to the beautiful dark eggs they lay and these ladies don’t disappoint. These particular ladies originate from their home country of France so they are the real deal. Slightly more timid than the above breeds but not less hardy and make a fantastic addition the any flock.

Buff Legorn

Price £25.00

These super hens are simply outstanding when it comes to laying. The lay wonderful big white eggs and are very striking and slender in their appearance. The Americans use them in their laying systems as they favor the white eggs and productivity. Slightly scattier in nature than the heavier breeds but this hard working lady will not disappoint on the egg laying front.

Silver laced Wyandotte

Price £25.00

This lady originates from America and once again bred as a dual purpose breed. She is a good producer of eggs with a striking plumage to match. They have inquisitive docile nature and are also available in bantam variety.



Colours: Gold laced, White crested, silver laced , Chamois ( some frizzled feathered)

Price £25.00

These birds never fail to make me smile. I just love their head plumage and just remind me of a glamourous show girl! They lay a good number of white eggs and are fantastically friendly and make great pets, they also have the bonus of not going broody.

Miniture Silver laced wyadotte

Price £25.00

As above just in miniature! For those with not quite as much space.

Booted Bantams

Colours: Porclein, lemon, Buff

Price £25.00

Commonly known also as sablepoots are lovely friendly little birds they are a true bantam. They make fantastic pets and are so friendly. They are not bad at laying either producing a good number of small eggs each year. They are very striking to look at with beautiful prominent tails and fine bright eyed faces and are just fascinating to watch.


Colours: Millie fleur, Isabella, Black, Lavender (some frizzled feather)

The Pekin is a very gentle bird that are good layers of small eggs, they also come in many different colours and make excellent pets for children as they become very tame. They tend not to need as much space or make as much mess so are good birds to keep in an urban garden. They are a robust and long-lived bird that loves company.